The company

vivOpera is an artistic, cultural and educational association which aims to contribute to the development and influence of the musical heritage by creating, producing and distributing live performances.

vivOpera is a French company created by three artists Aurore Quintard, Vincent Simonet and Ania Wozniak who are its artistic directors.

vivOpera is an artists' collective that brings together emerging artists and calls on internationally renowned artists.

vivOpera produces shows, charitable, societal and educational intitiatives, master classes, events and team buildings.
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vivOpera productions

vivOpera flagship project: Rekviem is a stage production, educational initiatives, artistic invitations, an artistic movement against hatred, a documentary and a feature film.

In 2021, vivOpera will be presenting a musical drama inspired by the work of the conductor Rafael Schächter, who performed Verdi’s Requiem as a breath of resistance and life at the Terezín concentration camp.

This new work highlights the Requiem as a beacon of hope and openness towards others in the fight against indifference and barbarism in all its forms. 


While waiting for the reopening of theaters and emblematic places, strong educational actions are taking shape in France and abroad from September 2021 in partnership with the >Centre Européen de Musique.

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vivopera actions

The vivOpera association - law 1901 - of general interest is a collective of artists which engages in charitable, educational and societal initiatives.

vivOpera presents, as part of the #WeAreRekviem movement, educational and societal actions on the theme of voice, music and art to live together.

vivOpera was born around charity concerts to help Sick Children at Necker Hospital and contributed to the SAV Stop aux Violences Sexuelles concerts.

More than reacting, it is urgent to act in the direction of different audiences to coexist through art and creation.
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Support vivopera

Why support us?

The vivOpera company aims to showcase the musical and cultural heritage, understand and strengthen its universe. It raises awareness of messages related to current events, memory and coexistence.

It aims to make this heritage accessible to all and defends the role of music and art in our society.

vivOpera carries out actions to improve the acceptance of others and the defense of human rights.

To this end, vivOpera requires strong support from donors and private patrons.

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The artistic team

  • Ania Wozniak

    Artistic Direction
  • Aurore Quintard

    Artistic Direction
  • Xavier Flabat

    vivOpera Events
    vivOpera Brussels